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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Temuduga Architecture(PART 3)

link ke interview UTM/UKM
link interview USM

Ok now, entri kali ni based on my last year Architecture interview kat USM..hhuhu tu pown mase cik vio tengah sebok berkemas-kemas barang nak masuk dalam kotak jumpa laa ketas tu..ok xmo cakap banyak-banyak nah nilai and leh la wat rujukan and xtaw la soklan same ke idak haha:

time: 60 minutes


1. Only you know who you are and what is your personality into a building. You are to sketch a 3-Dimensional image of what you think would be the most suitable building that reflects your personality.

2.You are to sketch 3-D interior of the living room of your own house. You are couraged to add in other interior features that could enhance the functionality of the space and make the interior aesthetically pleasing. The tools for the exercise are the white paper, the black pencil and your utmost enthuasiasm creativity.

haaa pastu baru laa mereka panggil interview....sekian...

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