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Monday, June 21, 2010

Destiny Online [Gaming Guide]

Hi to all my fellow readers
How are u guys?
MySpacei hope u're enjoying urself..
in this post im going to write a preview for my favorite 
game~ Destiny Online
in this game you can do plenty of quest,joining a tribe, getting a share attacks with ur master,
fighting with world bosses such as: Hellhound,Hongzilla,Pixie, Great Joss
The most interesting thing about this game is FREE GOLD earning! Yes!! How do I get the gold?
well, u can write article,post screenshot or video at the official site or the easiest way
is ONLINE 1 HOUR = 2GOLD! click the picture below to join me..

After register, u'll need to create ur own character.
There are five classes u can choose:
* Warrior

this is an example..the girl character is priest and the boy is swordman.
Isn't they cute?
MySpaceFinally, now u can log in and starts ur wonderful journey. All the best!
I'll continue writing about this game soon

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