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Saturday, February 19, 2011

USM Elections day

Annual election getting hotter yesterday, Friday 19th Feb 2011

 Candidate giving his speech during Rapat Umum

 The supporters

Is this Apex students attitude?

As part of USM residentials, I hope that our future representative doing their jobs sincerely not because to be famous solely. Keep the harmony in the campus without slandering each others and take care of the students need.No matter Pro-A or Pro-M wins, the unity is important...In my point of view, burning the candidates banner is not a good manners that Apex students should have done. Advertisement is good and play crucial role in introducing the candidate. Unfortunately, the extreme hon noise at the night can give bad impression to the candidate.I hope this would not happened again in the next elections.


  1. kat kampus transkrian, hari mengundi tak meriah langsung..sampaikan ada yg tak tahu hari ni hari mengundi..

  2. really? huhu
    kat cni bising...



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