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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bilangan Arkitek Masih Kurang

sumber: the star online dan LAM

Jumlah student yang amek Architecture a.k.a Seni Bina ramai jugak la kan? Satu U average 30-80 student per batch ! But tu average part 1 hmm part 2 maybe average dalam 30 orang...

Menurut the star, exam part 3 memang tak ramai yang lulus..dari 280 tu just 50 orang je lepas! perghh....Malaysia perlukan 15k Arkitek Profesional pada tahun 2020 untuk duduk sebaris dengan jumlah Arkitek di Britain..So, untuk mencapai status tersebut, at least 1350 orang perlu mendaftar sebagai Arkitek Profesional...that's way too far! o.0 The question is not more than 500 person are sitting for the exam and not many were able to pass it, will Malaysia able to achieve the target? I don't think so.... 

The risk of building to be collapse is higher as we don't have enough Architect to supervise..Huh! yang ni pun satu hal jangankan tak cukup, ade tu tak pergi supervise sangat pun(bukan semua ea) ..expecially perempuan yang tak tahan panas..adoiyaiii...arap2 i'll not become like that..aminnnn.. 

p/s: Masih jauh perjalananku...either end up being just assistant architect or Architect or might be a lecturer? IDK... T^T there's too much things I still need to learnt and understand before I climb up higher..


  1. "that's far to way" ?? wrong arrangement of sentences, maybe. :)

  2. thanks for the info...yeahh it was a mistake #ohmyEnglish :)



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