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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I heard- Log 09:00-16:00 12 July 2010

Please go to  my RUS 101 new blog sorry for inconvenience.

This entry for my assignment 101/1: My Virtual Home

I'm going to let you guys know what was happening in my first lecture at E 48 B. I went to School of Housing,Building and Planning( HBP) early in the morning and the class started at 9 am.  My new lecturer name for RUS 101 is Dr Wan Burhanuddin  Wan Abidin
                                                    Dr Wan Burhanuddin

     We're given a lecture briefing before he started his lecture. There was 3 parts of lecture that been explained by him.First was about USM as Malaysian APEX University. He explained what should the Apex student behave and look like. There are six things needed to complete the production that are:

  1. Intention
  2. Act
  3. Product
  4. Actor
  5. Rule
  6. Place
Without those element, an excellent product formed could not be produce perfectly. In order to become HBP excellent Apex Student, we as the students need  to be good,better and best. I also  studied aspects of 3Ps as a paradigm shift that is excellent students which is people,place and principles. So, I must do the good,better and best to become what USM wants to achieve and produce.

 Next, we are introduced to our studiomasters. Starting from Architecture department:
  1. Ar Mohd Najib Bin Mohd Salleh
From Constuction Management department:
  1. Dr Mohd Hanizun Hanafi
  2. Dr Ilias Said
  3. Dr Abdelnaser Omran Ali
From Building Technology Department:
  1. Dr Mohd Zailan Suleiman 
In conclusion, I can summarize that we ( the students) need to work hard, extra working hours, submit every assignment on time( do not delay the assignment given) and never copy paste the assignment. So, I can ensure that the blog is the result of my work.

The shocking cat- It was suprised as I was suprised to receive the first assignment in the first lecture.

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