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Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Studio semester 1, 2nd Year

project 3: eatery at gelugor
How are you guys? :) lame tak update...busy gile sejak due menjak ni T_T finally, studio da submit! yang atas ni part of my board drawing....overall, sepanjang dua tahun bergelar pelajar architecture, drawing - Alhamdulillah bertambah better each time submit..harap2 sangat la studio dapat markah yang best >< tapi sebenarnya markah tu tak penting sangat..yang penting the lesson i get....the performance i'd made right? Commpared to last year..it was disaster i think? My drawing wasn't really better compared to dis year;) and i'm so glad! So, thanks to all my friends who have help me a lot especially fifi , aida, nisa, wani, ai ai and all studio friends..u guys are awesomeeeeeeeeeee! 

Final exam is just around the corner... my schedule:
3/1: English
13/1:Planning Principle
16/1:Architecture principle
3 written paper! haha actually 3 more paper da abes....studio, working drawing and documentation and autocad. sebab coursework....coursework paling berat T_T...sedar tak sedar da tinggal setahun setengah je lagi nak graduate...:p

p/s: Hopefully studio tak repeat..if does...i'm soooo dead meat! mane tahan setahun kene extend! pergh @.@

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