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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recalls~ plusss exam months

I hope it's not too late for updating this post...it has been 2 days of 2012 *oooh! wowwwww
macam-macam perkara pahit manis dilalui tahun ni...and the essential part is it was the year which filled with love, compassion in learning and friendship:)

January 2011

Still in second semester which I'm still first year... mase ni memori time ni agak blur-ie haha what happened eh? hihi what i remembered is that.....i went to Esplenade with sue anne...january 2011 post haha promoting kota lama :p ahaaa and that was the first time i fainted after several years kot? sekarang ni Alhamdulillah stable ...syukurrrrr...and thankss kat Nana yg hantar balek bilik that night...also to my friends yg ade mase malam tu...

February 2011

A piece of memory- source: aiko fb
haha da macam tulis karangan skolah kan?kan? orite..
mase ni i started to join Nanzan-Usm programme a.k.a NAP Buddies ...and the important thing is..i learnt the good attitudes from my Japanese friends...they're soo humble and full of courtesy..we should learnt from them kan??
A memory that shall never fade away...miss u guys xoxo

April 2011

March mane? haaa march tak banyak bende best so skip hihi ...mase ni kite beli bamboo pen dapat sekali artrage punye software.....pastu this month i sat for final 2nd sem exam...fuhhh and this month i joined SIFE bukan  security in free enteprise taw cik nadia hehe tapi Student In free enteprise...banyak yang kite dapat belajar dari SIFE ni..i'm among the pioneer la kirenye kan? hihi
Memang kelam kabut ...bayangkan dalam study week kene uruskan itu ini...sian kak anis... and cuti sem 4 bulan bermula!! memang masuk sejarah bila cuti IPTA jadi 4 bulan..once in a lifetime taw!

May-June 2011

It is the most wonderful and unforgettable month! A lot of sweet memories we're built...we share our cheerish, fun and susah senang bersama bak kata orang dolu-dolu...mase ni banyak yang kite belajar..dari kengkawan and seniors...dari sini kenal family Architecture usm with much more closer than before...Terang! kenal lebih ramai lagi and happening! tak saba tunggu PADI pulak huhu i expect more this 2012

*aishhhh malasnye nak tulis hahahaha trus conclusion la eh? summarize kan jela hhihi

Summary Second Sem Sept-Dec 2011

tahun 2011 ni laa kite mule pakai braces...tahun ni kenal rapat dengan kawan2 archi....kawan2 lain masih ingat lagi..tak lupe cume jarang jumpe suda:( tahun ni jugak masuk second year...brand new life rasenye beze sangat...makin hari makin sayang kat semua orang especially family and...dia..<3 thanks all for delighting my life last year...
haha padan muke bella kene lindung:p
November pulak kua cite Breaking Dawn...memang my fav movie :) can't wait to see part 2! Last movie i watched in cinema was The Darkest Hour...about electric invading our earth...cite da best tapi tergantung pulak haishhh

2011 was history 2012 is our present 2013 will be our future that no one ever knows what will happen ...

p/s: esok exam bi tapi saye tak tahu nak study ape haha i know i should have study now but i got no idea what to open as it is language right? Wish me luck peeps! Harap2 tahun ni jadi fly Medan ngehehe

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