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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sustainability Practice in USM

This article might be somehow...
quite boring for some peoples..
but i dont care..
I do love nature neway =)
I might be working out with bamboo
along years..
Bamboo is a good material..
did u know that??
It is light material compared to the uses of concrete
and yet using bamboo is a sustainable way
in order to save our green world for the next generation..

Talking about sustainability...
While I was on my way to bazar Ramadhan
at RST USM..
I saw bunch of people work on
NO PLASTIC campaign!
I felt that it is so good to have these kind of people
For me, I should participate give them some supportment
by bring along a Tupperware.
Unfortunately, I didn't have one =(
So, perhaps I should bring it after raya...
What do u guys thing?

Green For Our Next Generations!
Let's try and practice them for our bright future

1 comment:

  1. ye.. stuju.. saya pun ex usm-- industrial tech environment gagaggaga~



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