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Friday, January 11, 2013

IBS:Summary of what I've learned

Updated version!
Nota last minute untuk di share bersama :D harap maaf la ye tak bole nak tulis panjang2 sambil2 memperkukuhkan lagi ilmu...kalo ada nak tambah/share amatlahh dialu-alukan time kasih, u'ollss!

p/s: jom baca sambil minum hot choc ;)

What is IBS?
IBS is a techniques that use prefabricated components which is manufactured in controlled environment (on or off-site installation ), transpoted, positioned and assembled into a structure with minimal site works.

S.W.O.T Analysis:

-fast project completion
-lead to green environment
-Minimum material wastage

-jointing problems : leakage problem
- different joints & connections method
- high initial capital cost: machinery

-export technology to outside
-developed experts in IBS industry
-new technology and innovation of IBS invented

-monopoly by big company and contractors
-limitation of creativity
-no evidence that shows IBS can save total project cost

6 Main Group of IBS:

1-Precast concrete system
2-Steel formwork system
3-Timber system
4-Steel frame system
5-Blockwork system
6-Other Innovation system

Buildability is an ability to construct the building efficiently, economically and to agree quality levels from its constituent materials, components and sub-assemblies

atau dalam bahasa melayu

Keupayaan membina ditakrifkan sebagai keupayaan membina bangunan dengan berkesan, dari segi kecekapan ekonomi dan tahap kualiti yang dipersetujui melalui penggunaan bahan,komponen dan sub-pemasangan yang baik .

IBS Material 
timber- ready-cut plus shop fabrication of joints, structural panels (wall,floor without column & beam)
block work- in form of panel and then erected
steel- contains prefabrication factors, elements are jointed by welding,riveting or bolting on site, large proportion of strength to weight allows a long span or high-rise building
Reinforced concrete- low material cost, durability, fire resistance, main issue is the jointing system
Composite material

ermm material yg ni bole pakai ke? klik baca sini

a)Modular Coordination (MC)
- It is a process of organizing the dimension in buildings so as to reduce the variet of sizes to which components have to be made and enable component to be used together on building site without modification
- a method of sizing dimension of building components and of building on basic of a basic module
-use of modular: basic module, multimodule,submodules
-reference:basic modular grid, superimposed grid,displacement of grids,interrupted grid
-allows standardisation in design & building components
-encourage participation from manufacturers and assemblers to enter market
-possibility of reducing component price

b) Panel system
-applicable for building which functionally needs a large number of wall (apartment,hotel)
-not applicable for large span building or many stories

IBS Score
[(IBS factor x coverage) x 50% (structure) or 20% (wall) ]


sharing is caring, credited to Sir Md Azree on Modular notes :D

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